• Our Services: Implementation

    Executive Architecture

    Based on our wealth of experience Found can act as executive architects for retail, commercial and private residential projects in the UK whether it be new build, refurbishment or a heritage building project. Our role is to collaborate with the concept or design architect/designer to ensure that the original vision of the design becomes reality while ensuring its compliance with UK planning and building control requirements.

    To fulfil this role, we can:

    • Assemble the Project Consultant Team.
    • Obtain Planning Consent.
    • Obtain Building Control Approval.
    • Produce Planning Drawings.
    • Produce Tender Drawings.
    • Produce Construction Drawings.
    • Provide On Site Attendance.

    On Site Attendance

    Once a project is onsite it is the most exciting period of the building process when months of preparation start to become reality. It can also be the most demanding in terms of decision making and problem solving, it’s at this point that the knowledge we have gained while building numerous projects comes into its own and we can assist you in making those crucial decisions.

    As well as offering design and problem-solving advice Found, along with the rest of the project team, are there to facilitate the timely build and successful handover of the project in line with the project programme and budget. To ensure this we would attend the following meetings and produce:

    • Site meetings.
    • Progress reviews.
    • Site inspections.
    • Snagging Lists.
    • As Built Drawings.

    Construction Administration

    To ensure the timely implementation of the project following the issue of construction documents. The stage commences following the issue of Construction Documents and will continue until completion of the works.

    Founds role at this stage is to review and comment on all shop drawings and any other correspondence related to critical elements of the design. There may also be questions from the client’s Local Architect and/or Contractors and/or manufacturers regarding the design intent that Found will be available to clarify the during the construction process. As and when requested by the client Found will visit the site on a periodic basis at critical points of the schedule to observe the progress and answer any questions regarding the design intent.